Friday, September 30, 2011

Why i need so much.....SharePoint 2010 Search, Standard Search, Enterprise Search, Fast Search....??

Search in SharePoint 2010 is a really complex feature and can be configured in many different ways and you need few or all of them to fulfill users need.
So let's find out what they can do for us..when implementing in SharePoint....
There’s a couple of different versions of Search in SharePoint 2010:

  • SharePoint Foundation Search ( FREE, FREE, FREE!!!)
    • Site Search Only
    • No non-SharePoint content indexing configuration
  • Microsoft Search Server Express(Integrated with SharePoint 2010
    • Non-SharePoint content indexing configuration
  • SharePoint Server 2010 Standard Edition Search
    • 100 million items
    • SharePoint content
    • Web site content
    • File share content
    • Exchange public folder content
    • Other database content
    • Enterprise Scale Search
    • Federated Search
    • Mobile Search Experience
    • People and Expertise Search
    • Phonetic and Nickname Search
    • Search Scopes
    • SharePoint 2010 Search Connector Framework
    • SharePoint 2010 Search Connector Framework
  • SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise Edition Search
    • Contextual Search
    • Extensible Search Platform
    • Extreme Scale Search
    • + All Standard/Foundation/Express Edition Features
  • FAST Search for SharePoint
    • Support for 500 million items.
    • Visual best bets (HTML rendering).
    • Sort on any indexed property.
    • The ability to preview Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint® documents on
      the results page.
    • Deep refinement showing count by property refinement.
    • The ability to document thumbnails on the results page.
    • FAST search Web Parts.
    • Manual promotion or demotion of specific results.
    • Relevancy profiles to show different results ranking to different
    • Multilingual search controls.
To Implement FAST for SharePoint 2010 you need:

  • SharePoint server licenses.
    A FAST search server license for any servers running FAST search.
    Enterprise CALs for any users using FAST search.
Search in SharePoint 2010 is a really complex feature and can be configured in many different ways. I made this post to sort out what the different components do.

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