Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Unable to delete SharePoint Online sub-site. Sites that have subsites or certain apps can't be deleted.

Issue Details:

You can not delete a SharePoint site which has an active sub site under it. While trying to delete you see error occurred message.

SP hosted app (deployed by user)  is also technically created as a sub-site under the site where it is activated, the sub-site can not be deleted without uninstalling/deleting the app.

In order to remove the sub-site, we have to remove all apps on this sub-site (Remember: Not from Site Collection). (It may ask you to go back to classic experience in SharePoint Online site).

Resolution Steps:

1. Click on gear icon, go to site contents 
2. Go to app 
3. App Setting
4. Remove/delete
Wait for few min until the message is shown. Now try deleting the site again and it should not show any issue now. 


Thursday, January 18, 2018

Following Content feature takes you to access denied page in SharePoint online site

Issue Details: 
While trying to activate "Following Content" feature takes you to access denied page in a random SharePoint online site/sub-site.

Steps to repro: 
Go to site setting > Manage Site Features> Following Content > Click on activate > and you get access denied even if you are SCadmin.

Issue Resolution: Account used to create the site/sub-site can only activate this feature.

How to Resolve:

1. Make sure you know who created the site (Simple option > Go to site pages > default page or home page > version history > Version 1.0 modified by or created by

2. Login with that account or ask that user to login

3. Site Setting > Manage Site Features > "Following Content" > Activate.......done :)