Sunday, August 7, 2011

Can not delete content type. Content Type is still in use.

I was trying to re-publish a infopath form content type and it was not allowing me to delete the content type from site content type library, even though no content's was there in the library and no data. I found this amzaing thing which was stoping me from deleting.

Few things which can prohibit Content Type deletion are:
-Recycle bin: you might have deleted the offending list, but its still in the Site recycle bin.
And even if you delete it there, its still in the Site Collection recycle bin under “deleted from end user recycle bin”, so you need to delete it first from one then the other.

Meta data navigation: in sharepoint 2010, if you used a content type in a list and also used its fields (typically taxonomy fields) for meta data navigation, deleting all items, the content type and all traces of the content type isnt enough. Even deleting the meta data filtering items and disabling management of content types couldnt make Sharepoint give up the hooks of the content type. Here i ended up deleting the list to be able to delete it.