Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Please Take Care : Managed Metadata Column Limitations

Here are some points which need special attention if you are planning to use Managed Meta-data columns in your new development sites. Use this column type only if it's not falling any of these categories.

1) No InfoPath Support

There is no InfoPath support for Managed Metadata columns. Regardless of whether this is a InfoPath form that is hosted through Forms Services or a list form it is not supported.

2) No SharePoint Workspace Support

There is also no support for Managed Metadata columns in SharePoint workspace

3) No Support in Office 2007

This is another one that gets many organizations. You can not edit Managed Metadata columns from the Office 2007 client, or 2003 for that matter. If you want to be able to edit Managed Metadata columns you need to have Office 2010 installed.

4) Cannot Edit Managed Metadata values in Datasheet Mode

You cannot edit Managed Metadata columns in datasheet mode, the selected cells are read only. Therefore for bulk changes you need to either go through each item one by one

5) Limitations in Views

There are also some limitations in the operators that you can use for views with Managed Metadata fields. You cannot use the ‘Begins With’ or ‘Contains’ operators for filters in views.

6 ) Cannot be used in calculated fields

You cannot use a Managed Metadata Column for calculated fields. So if you have a requirement to do a calculated field you will need to use another column type

7) Maximum of 250 terms selected per Managed Metadata Column

you can only have a maximum of 250 terms selected for a particular column otherwise you get an error.

8) Cannot add a Managed Metadata Column through SharePoint Designer

Although you can add a Managed Metadata column via the web interface you cannot add a Managed Metadata column with SharePoint Designer 2010.


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