Friday, September 16, 2011

Open a SharePoint 2010 Site and see error "FILE NOT FOUND"....

The most possible cause of this issue is referred master page is having some issues and not working fine for your site. (Default.master, V4.master or any other referred master page)

Possible Issue: These master page refers 2-3 .ascx controls in the very first 2-3 lines (if you open the master page in designer) and there the either the address is wrong or the ascx controls are missing.

Immediate Fix:

1. Try to access "http://youserver/_Layouts/ChangeSiteMasterPage.aspx"

- Replace Yourserver with the actual server name. If you get the same error, try 2nd and if not, change the master page name to something else on both the places.

2. Open the site in SharePoint Designer 2010 and change the master page from the current to any other working master page and save and see if this work.

Complete Fix:

1. On the error page, correlation id, see the "X" sign, close it, you should see next corrlation id, keep closing. So you have more then 1 issue if you see multiple errors.

2. Access site again and go to 14 hive of the server and check the recent server logs and search for the word "Error". It will give you the exact issue.

2.1 . Download the ULS Viewer from and install on your server for better view of this issue.

3. If it's missing these ascx controls, fix the correct address by referring it from other master pages.

4. Reset IIS if required.

Assumption: You are the owner of the production environment, otherwise you will have to work with your admin to fix this.

Only for DEV Machine: Open the web.config of application and 1 in your 14 hive folder, set the debug mode to on and you should see the actual error on the page and not the correlation id. Not more CorrelationID's and see the actual error.....(DOT NET,C# GUYS like this.....:).. )

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