Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Document Sets in Sharepoint 2010 – Limitations

To resolve the list threshold issue for a list holding more then 23000 items, i was in process of using the Document Sets for the entire library and categorized by the content types.

I got to know few limitations with Document sets as i was also planning the Record Management Capabilities for these records as well.

Here we go....

- Document Sets are only available in SharePoint 2010 Server and are not part of the SharePoint Foundation 2010. This also means that the programing object model (SPFolder) is part of the SharePoint 2010 Server API and not available in the Foundation OM.

- You cannot create a Folder within a Document Set. Beware that the UI will not prevent you from doing this, but folders are not supported and likely will not work as you think they should.

- You cannot create metadata navigation in a Document Set.

- Since Document Set is being treated as a Folder, which is treated as such when you deal with operations like Record Management and File Upload. It’s a little bit inconsistent from the document-centric point of view.

- You cannot send a Document Set larger than 50MB using the Send To command.

- In general, beware when you create and use very large Document Sets (thousands of items), as the limitation and performance factor of viewing and displaying the list will be a factor.

- Download the entire document set. This is a very useful feature that did not make it into this release of SharePoint 2010. If you select the entire document set, you will notice that the “Download a Copy” button is grayed out. Fortunately, there are instructions available to add a custom button in the ribbon to add this feature.


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