Saturday, October 1, 2011

Path to become SharePoint Architect....MicroSoft recommendations...

Wanna be a SharePoint architect....learn these topics and implement when working with a client..
Must Understand the Core:
  • IIS 6/7
  • Windows Server 2003/2008
  • DNS/WINS (Name Resolution)
  • TCP/IP & other network considerations
  • SQL Server 2005 Advanced Administration (Backup, Monitoring, Logshipping or Database Mirroring)
  • Basic Firewall rules and Proxy
  • IT Infrastructure Design
  • Hardware Acquisition (RAM, CPU, Disk I/O, and other hardware considerations)
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Capacity Planning
  • Growth Management
  • Workflow (Windows Workflow Foundation)
  • Client Troubleshooting & Support: IE, Firefox, Safari, Office XP, 2003, 2007, etc...
  • HTML & Client side scripting (Javascript, AJAX, DHTML, XSL, XSLT, XHTML)
  • Exchange and SMTP integration (Inbound and Outbound email including contact objects)
  • High Availability: Microsoft Cluster Services, Windows Network Load Balancing
  • Storage: Appliances, HBAs, SANs, Archive Storage
  • Backup Solutions: Various Tape, Hardware and software snapshots, software nearline and offline storage (soon to add DPM 2007)
  • Hardware load balancing, ISA Secure Web Publishing
  • IAG (Internet Application Gateway) Whale Communications
  • Single Sign on integration
  • Connection Monitoring & Troubleshooting (ADO.NET, Web Services, CDO)
  • Global Deployments - Multi farm deployments
  • Dev, Test, Staging, Production - Staged deployments
  • MOF, ITIL, MSF Frameworks and strong understanding of the development life cycle
  • Virtualization - Virtual Server 2005, Virtual PC, VMWare
  • Internet Publishing
  • Internet Community Portal
  • Intranet Central Search Portal
  • Intranet Departmental Dashboard Portal
  • Intranet Collaboration
  • Business Process Management
  • Extranet Collaboration
  • Document Management
  • Records repository
  • BI Solutions
  • Search Center or Intranet and Internet Search Solutions
  • Reports Center
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Remote employee solutions
  • Multi lingual solutions
  • Project Server
  • Web 2.0 Solution: Blogs, Wikis, Social Networking (Profiles & My Sites)
  • AD (Group Policies, Security Groups, DLs, Contacts, authentication, and attributes for profile import)
  • Desktop Management (IE settings, Office deployment, storage and collaboration considerations)
  • MOM Systems Center Operations Monitoring of performance and system health of servers and dependencies
  • WAN and Network performance testing and considerations, (minimum performance levels) caching
  • File Services & (extremely light... policy SMS and Patching considerations)
  • Antivirus management solutions like Forefront
  • Presence Integration (LCS, Office Live Communication Server, SMTP and SIP)
  • Understanding and supporting Dev: ASP.NET, C#, Assemblies, GAC, Bin, web.config, web parts, web part connections, missing assemblies
  • MIIS in cross forest or resource forest scenarios or dynamic security groups
  • Migration Skills: Public Folders, Documentum, Lotus Notes, CMS, WebSphere
Interop and Integration
  • Office Interoperability (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook)
  • Project Server deployment
  • Microsoft Dynamics (CRM, ERP, AXAPTA, GreatPlains, etc...)
  • Infopath forms troubleshooting and basic design skills (XML, HTML)
  • Visio integration
  • Biztalk
  • SharePoint Designer for workflows, CSS, Design, etc...
  • Reporting and Analysis Integration: SQL Reporting Services, SQL Analysis Services
  • SAP integration with Duet
  • BDC Siebel web services integration
  • Oracle Financials integration in BDC and Excel Services
  • Other ADO.NET BDC connections: includes various CRM, ERP, DBMS
  • Commerce integration in Internet sites
  • Web Services integration
  • Documentum, WebSphere
  • Search/Indexing Integration
  • Data warehouses RDBMS
  • Single Sign on solutions and integration with client certificates, smart cards, and 2 factor auth
  • N tiered web apps, web services, and stores
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