Monday, October 17, 2011

Bid or no bid for a SharePoint Project | Assessment Checklist for Sales Team

Prospect Information

1 Do we know (and can we influence) the key decision makers?
2 Is this opportunity aligned with the prospect's business strategy?
3 Has the budget been formally approved and funded?
4 Do we understand the business need or pain driving this bid?
5 Are requirements clearly defined, and are they technically feasible?
6 Do we know the evaluation criteria and how it will be weighted?
7 Are there serious business/technical/financial issues behind the scene?
8 Do we know the proposal time frame, and is it realistic?
9 Has the prospect already made a "buy or build" decision?
10 Is low price a major factor in selecting the winning bid?
11 Are there penalties for not delivering on time or within budget?
12 Are the contract terms and conditions acceptable to us?

Internal Information

13 Is this opportunity in sync with our own strategic direction?
14 Do we have strong management support and sponsorship?
15 Do we have the resources, talent, and will to win this opportunity?
16 Do we have the resources and ability to deliver, if we win?
17 Can we realistically manage the risks, if we win?
18 If additional resources are needed, can we get what we need?
19 How well are we known within this business sector?
20 Do we have a successful track record with similar opportunities?
21 Do we have a relationship with this prospect, and is it favorable?
22 Are partners needed, and if so, will they complicate our situation?
23 Do we have differentiators that improve our odds of winning?
24 Can we afford the investment needed to pursue this opportunity?
25 Will winning put any of our existing business at risk?
26 Can we contractually protect our intellectual property?
27 Are there consequences to us of losing or not bidding?

Market/Competitive Information

28 Do we know who the other competitive bidders are, if any?
29Is a competitor an incumbent, and does that pose a threat?
30 Is a competitor favored by prospect decision makers or influencers?
31Are we at a distinct competitive disadvantage from the start?
32 Does this solution involve new or unproven technologies?
33 Will winning enhance our reputation and market positioning?
34 Will winning open up new market opportunities for us?
35 Will winning give us an advantage over our competitors?


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