Monday, December 12, 2011

SharePoint 2010 : Missing DNS Server while doing Alternet Access Mapping

While I was trying to install an extranet environment on one of my servers I could not find the DNS Server under Start > Administrative Tools.

DNS server can be installed and then configured to support AlterNet Access Mapping.

I installed it by following the below mentioned steps:


You can install a DNS server from the Control Panel or when promoting a member server to a domain controller (DC) (Figure A). During the promotion, if a DNS server is not found, you will have the option of installing it.

Figure A

Domain controller

To install a DNS server from the Control Panel, follow these steps:

• From the Start menu, select
Control Panel
Administrative Tools
Server Manager.

• Expand and click Roles (Figure B).

• Choose Add Roles and follow the wizard by selecting the DNS role (Figure C).

• Click Install to install DNS in Windows Server 2008 (Figure D).

Figure B

Expand and click Roles

Figure C

DNS role

Figure D

Install DNS

and that's all.


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