Thursday, December 22, 2011

Known InfoPath 2010 Bug: Dropdown event with Debugger....issue

Dropdown change event with Debugger may have to logoff from machine Task manager also stops working...looks like it strange...

Steps: Basically using 64-bit InfoPath Designer:

1.Create a blank form or use existing form.

2.Add a drop-down list to the form.

3.Add Choices manually or load from datasource.

4.On Developoer ribbon, click on Changed Event to generate a changed event code in VSTA.

5.Place a break point inside the field_Changed procedure. You can add some code in order for the breakpoint to stop inside the generated method when the dropdown has been changed.

6.Run the application from VSTA by clicking Start Debugging (Play icon or from Debug menu).

7.Click on the drop-down control and change the value.

This is where it will crash the system. I have searched all forums and internet but know one seems to know about this issue. If you are able to recreate this problem, please let me know.


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