Saturday, August 25, 2012

Moving content database & creating web application on new server farm


There are situations where you want to propagate one SharePoint web application to some other farm/machine.  

The fastest way is to take content database backup and restore it in your destination farm.

So you have your content database backup.

Creating content database from backup:
Go to your database server and do following:
  • Create a blank database that will be used as content database
  • Restore a database using content database back up from source farm.
Creating a web application:
  • Go to sharepoint central administration and create a new web application
  • While creating a new web application, use existing content database in database section
Validating the web application:

  • Go to sharepoint central administration, click on application management. In "Databases" section you will find "Manage content databases"
  • Choose your application and it will show database status and number of site collections. If you are not sure how many site collections are there in backup, anything greater than 0 is good news.
Configure web application to work properly:

  • Go to sharepoint central administration
  • Click on "Application Management"
  • In "Site Collections" section click on "Change site collection administrators"
  • choose your web application set proper data in site admins.

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