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Did you ever tried - PerformancePoint Services in SharePoint 2010

PerformancePoint Services in SharePoint 2010

The Business Intelligence Center is a prebuilt site collection and site template that you can use to get started with your integration of business intelligence (BI) solutions and SharePoint 2010. Although you can build solutions into other sites or site collections, the Business Intelligence Center provides a foundation of features and SharePoint Components that enables you to quickly create a central location for the presentation of BI information.

What you should know:

PerformancePoint Services allows you to build rich dashboards that pull from a variety of different data sources (such as SharePoint lists, relational data stores, OLAP cubes, and Excel Services). Dashboards might include scorecards, reports, and KPIs (key performance indicators) that provide a summarized view of your business analytics. New PerformancePoint Services features include enhanced scorecards, reports with built-in drill-down features so you can access information quickly, and calculated metrics that allow you to create calculations that use multiple data sources. 

Server Prerequisites and Licensing Considerations

Required: SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise, SQL Server 2005 and 2008 are supported options for Excel Services, PerformancePoint Services, and Visio Services. However, SQL Server 2008 R2 64-bit is required for Reporting Services and Power Pivot when integrating with SharePoint 2010.

We will cover the following topics to get complete understanding of the topic:

1.    Understanding and Creating a Business Intelligence Center Site
2.    What is Dashboard Designer
3.    Error….error…error…Configuring the Central Admin
4.    Creating a Data Connection with a SharePoint list
5.    Showing the data and other designer options

Creating and Configuring Your Business Intelligence Center

The Business Intelligence Center is available as a site collection template and as a site template. By default, the Business Intelligence Center site template is not available from the SharePoint 2010 front end when creating a new site, and therefore you must create your Business Intelligence Center as a site collection from SharePoint Central Administration. After the Business Intelligence Center site collection has been created, the Business Intelligence Center site template is available to create subsites that integrate with the site collection. Once created, the new site collection (or site) contains various SharePoint components and has features deployed and activated.

Creating a New Site Collection Using the Business Intelligence Center Site Collection Template:

The following steps walk through the process of creating a new site collection using the Business Intelligence Center template. Complete the following steps to create your Business Intelligence Center:

1. From within SharePoint 2010 Central Administration, click the Create Site Collections link in the Application Management section.
2. Select the web application you want to create the site collection.
3. Provide a name for the site collection (for example, Business Intelligence Center).
4. Select a managed path or use the link provided to generate a new managed path. For this example, the /sites/ managed path is used.
5. Enter the URL for the new site collection (for example, BICenter).
6. Select the Business Intelligence Center template from the Enterprise tab.
7. Enter a primary administrator for the site collection.
8. Optionally, enter a secondary administrator for the site collection.
9. Optionally, select a quota template.
10. Click OK.

Part 2: In-progress with Issue list you may face during the process.

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