Thursday, July 14, 2011

Migration - SharePoint 2007 to 2010 Migration using MetaLogix Migration Manager

MetaLogix tool can be configured to migrating the complete site, list,items, libraries or any other library from the source to destination. The following screenshots shows the configuration which have been used till now to migrate all the sites.

Apart from this, you can move security, SharePoint Designer workflows, Content Types, Site Columns etc...

Few things are challenge as they need direct data written to database and the tool is having this option but if you do so you void microsoft license agreement. :(

One of them is workflow history, so if you wanna move history of the workflows in the migration you can not and i believe using the microsoft way you can keep that. As workflow history list keep the reference intact and should work fine.

Any way here are few screenshots on how MetaLogix configured and ready for migration.


Figure 3: Configure Migration Mode

Figure 4: Configure Site Options

Figure 5: Configure List Contents

Figure 6: Configure Web Parts

Figure 7: Configure Permissions

Figure 8: Configure Mappings

Figure 9: Configure Filters

Figure 10: Configure Workflows

Figure 11: Configure General Options

Finally i would say, its a good tool for moving any kind of data as per my experience and can be considered for migration for atleast medium level migration initially.
For any migration issue with MetaLogix tool, you can reach me on, i will try to answer ASAP if possible.

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